<h2>Technical Office Athens</h2><p>Arbitrary Arrangement, Building Stamping</p> <h2>Qualified Staff</h2><p>High Quality Services</p> <h2>Active and Passive Fire Protection Studies</h2><p>Supply of Firefighting Equipment</p>
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The Company

Neokleous Konstantinos
Technical Office Athens

NEOKLEOUS KONSTANTINOS technical office is located in the center of Athens, 1-3 Deligiorgi Street.
He has extensive experience in the field of construction and studies and having successfully completed many years of operations has the ability to efficiently carry out a wide range of technical tasks.
Our work is characterized by consistency, accountability and professionalism towards our customers. Our goal is the excellent study of stylish and completely functional constructions as well as the best possible solution to your technical nature.
We work with well trained engineers of all specialties.
We serve all Attiki. Visit our office in Athens and find out about our services.